Fixation Plaster Plast

Available Variants


Teqler's fixation dressing Plast is suitable for fixing bandages and convinces with its secure fixation without leaving residue on the skin. Thanks to the zig-zag edge, the roll patch is even easier to pull off by hand, while the material does not deform under high tensile force. The skin-friendly fabric patch comes on a plastic roll and is available in different widths. 

Product details

  • Skin-friendly fabric patches on a roll
  • Adheres securely to the skin
  • Leaves no residue 
  • Highly resistant material
  • Easy to pull off by hand due to zig-zag edge
  • Ideal for fixing bandages
  • On a 5 metre plastic reel
  • Available in different widths

Article Number: T604860-T604862 Category: Dressing Materials

Fixation Plaster Plast

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