The IUD set contains all the components needed for inserting or removing the IUD (intrauterine device). In addition to the disposable instruments such as the uterine probe and ball forceps, the gynaecology set also contains a drape.

Product details:

  • For insertion and removal of the IUD
  • Ready-to-use and ready-to-use complete set
  • Disposable instruments made of matt, non-glare steel
  • Particularly hygienic, as no reprocessing is required
  • Clearly labelled as disposable instruments
  • Reduces the risk of germ or infection transmission
  • Long sterile shelf life
  • Packed in practical peel pack
  • With documentation sticker
  • 1 set

Set consisting of:

  • 1 Uterus sound (total length: 33 cm, Ø 3 mm), graduated in cm, rigid, curved
  • 1 Schröder Tenaculum Forceps (total length: 25 cm), with locking device
  • 1 pair of Metzenbaum scissors (total length: 23 cm, scissors leg approx. 5.8 cm), blunt/blunt, straight
  • 1 pair of anatomical tweezers (total length: 25 cm, jaws approx. 4 mm wide), with serrated handle and jaws
  • 1 drape (blue, 75 x 90 cm, 2-ply), impermeable to moisture

Article Number: T140619 Category: Gynaecological Instruments


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