Baby Underlays

Available Variants


The Teqler baby underlays absorb and bind urine while providing comfortable positioning for the baby during changing. Available with different, child-friendly motifs.

Product Details

  • Underlays with child-friendly motif
  • A protective foil prevents seepage
  • Prevent moisture from seeping through and protect the surface beneath
  • Able to absorb urine through body made from cellulose flakes
  • Surface made from skin-friendly, non-woven material
  • Comfortable and soft topside, especially skin-friendly
  • Folded to save space
  • Fully sealed
  • Size: 40 x 60 cm
  • 1 box with 50 baby underlays (every 10 pieces are sealed in foil)

Article Number: T820500-T820502 Category: Consumables | Hygiene

Baby Underlays

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