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For more than 10 years now, we have been working in the development, design and production of medical products. Everyday at our headquarters in Luxembourg, we work together with employees with a medical background, product managers and designers on developing new products and improving existing products. Teqler products are produced in multiple locations around the world.

We follow the principle of concentrating on our own strengths and working efficiently through slim structures. Therefore, we exclusively focus on developing and producing medical products and cooperate with renowned retailers throughout Europe, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. With highly modern logistics in the heart of Europe, we guarantee high availability and quick delivery.


In order to properly handle a patient during an emergency, it is essential to have the right medical equipment at hand. In this category, you will find our range of emergency supplies and equipment for rescue services. The Teqler® medical shop offers a selection of items for medical emergencies, which are tailored to the needs of ambulance services and emergency doctors. Our assortment of emergency supplies includes, among other items, emergency bags, resuscitation kits, stethoscopes and belt pouches for rescue services.


To treat patients in the dental practice, medical professionals require an assortment of instruments, disposable equipment and consumables. Teqler® Dental provides dentists, orthodontists, dental laboratories and all other areas of dentistry with high-quality and economical products for professional use. The large selection includes examination gloves, consumables and single-use instruments as well as protective clothing for the dental surgery.


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We have provided a PDF product catalog for you with an overview of our current models.

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