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Oxygen Nasal Cannula

  • Standard connector and 210 cm long O2 tube
  • Non-sterile, DEHP-free
  • Available for adults or children

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Oxygen Nasal Cannula


The non-sterile oxygen nasal cannula with standard connector is equipped with a 210 cm long O2 tube. It is available as an adult or a paediatric version and can be used for short or long-term oxygen therapies.


Product Details

  • Oxygen nasal cannula with a 210 cm long tube
  • DEHP- and DOP-free
  • Equipped with a standard connector
  • Handy, perforated plastic packaging
  • Non-sterile
  • Hygienic disposable product
  • Available as adult or paediatric version
  • 1 cannula
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